Prevailing Wage Monitoring

California has some of the most complicated prevailing wage requirements in the country; and for that reason, knowledge of the policies and procedures for implementing, monitoring, and enforcing prevailing wage requirements is important.

According to the California Labor Code, an awarding body shall take be cognizance of violations of the Labor Code. The California’s prevailing wage requirements are found in the California Labor Code, Precedential Decisions, Administrative rulings, formal legal advice memos and regulations issued by the Department of Industrial Regulations (DIR) and the Courts.  It is imperative that the Consultant is familiar with how they are applied to the monitoring and enforcement process.

Furthermore, an awarding body, as a recipient of Federal funds, must employ an independent third-party to review the weekly Certified Payroll Records on an ongoing basis; resolve any violations found as a result of its own investigations, or found during the worker interviews, or from complaints received from workers or others; and maintain records for a period of no less than three years after the closeouts of the project, or until any claims, audits, or litigation are resolved.

Are you in compliance?
We can help. Pacific Resources Services has the expertise to assist our clients comply with the State and Federal prevailing wage requirements.  Our services include the following:

  • Conducting on-site field interviews
    • Monitoring and auditing Certified Payroll Records and preparing thorough and detailed audit reports
    • Providing technical assistance to clients and contractors
    • Representing our clients before regulatory agencies
    • Responding to third-party inquiries