Community Relations

Pacific Resources Services understands that every client serves unique, diverse communities with varying needs.  We offer a full range of public relations and outreach services, we develop programs to address our clients’ specific goals, while establishing positive, long-term relationships with key project stakeholders.

We build consensus through effective communication and collaboration, with a humanized approach—
translating into positive public perception for our clients and their projects.

  • Strategic Planning and Public Involvement
  • Construction Relations
  • Government and Media Relations
  • Special Events
  • Public Meeting Facilitation
  • Outreach to Planning Groups
  • Public Working Groups
  • Board Briefings/Board of Director Relations
  • School Outreach
  • Design and Development Outreach Messaging
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Business Outreach
  • Telephone Hotline, Email and Complaint Log
  • News Releases and Articles